The five color dot logo for the California Alliance repeated to make a square on a white background. Each color represents an alliance university member (from left to right): UC Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, Caltech, and Michigan.

California Alliance Home Page

California Alliance for Graduate Education & The Professoriate

The California Alliance is a partnership between four leading California universities to ensure that underrepresented minority (URM) PhD graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from our alliance institutions aspire to and populate the ranks of the postdoctoral population, the faculty at competitive research and teaching institutions, the federally funded national laboratories, and scientific think tanks.

Image is a screen capture of California Homepage for archival purposes. Image includes copy from the homepage and time based announcements that are now outdated.
Image of California homepage captured on July 21, 2021. Image includes a summary of program and time based announcements that no longer relevant.

This part of the California web archive.

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