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Pathways to a Diverse Professoriate: AGEP National Research Conference
Conference Dates: March 15 – 16, 2018
Location: Berkeley, CA

The AGEP National Research Conference is proud to announce the  graduate students and postdoctoral competition winners! These are individuals who are conducting social science or educational research relevant to advancing knowledge about the barriers and opportunities for URMs in the STEM academe.

We have selected 10 submissions for inclusion in a poster session at AGEP National Research Conference. 

Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Competition Winners:

Cultural Congruity and University Environment in STEM fields at Research Universities for International Graduate Students, 
Chioma Ezeh, Catherine Johnson, Carrie B. Myers, Dusten Hollist, Kelly Ward, and Karla Eitel

Developing a therapy model to improve pathways to the professoriate for underrepresented minority (URM) identified graduate students in STEM fields
Jane E. M. Carter, Namrata Nanavaty, Breanna Hernandez, Brandon W. Ng, Vani Mathur, & Adrienne R. Carter-Sowell

AGEP Transformation Alliance: CIRTL AGEP –Inclusive Excellence and Improved Climate for Future Faculty
Jessica Adams, Craig Ogilvie, Rosemary Perez, and Sarah Rodriguez

Indigenous Knowledge Field Camp: a culturally appropriate intervention of PNW-COSMOS
Raquel A. Arouca and Jerry McMurtry 

The Underrepresented Minority Experience: An Exploratory Study of Doctoral Students in STEM 
Queen Jaks

Indigenous Understandings Across Communities and Peoples – Cultural Congruity and Socialization Experiences in STEM,
Catherine M. Johnson, Chioma Ezeh, Kelly Ward, Carrie B. Myers, Karla Eitel, and Dusten Hollist

Value Priorities And Career Decision-Making Among STEM Post-Doctoral Fellows
Oluchi Nwosu-Randolph

The Willow AGEP Alliance: Developing an Indigenous Mentoring Program for Native American Faculty in STEM
Maja Pedersen, Barnett Brown, Sweeney Windchief, D'Shane Barnett, Laurie Walker, Ruth Ann Swaney, Shandin Pete, and Ke Wu

Perceptions of Faculty Life and the Effect on Future URM Faculty Careers Network Improvement Communities: Implications for Collaboration Formation and Sustained Organizational Change
Alexander Gardner and Marilyn J. Amey

Development of a Situational Judgment Inventory for Doctoral Student Transitions
Gavin Sanders, Annmarie Cano, Tony Nunez, Judith Stoddart, Steven Thomas, Ambika Mathur, and Neal Schmitt

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