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Pathways to a Diverse Professoriate: AGEP National Research Conference
Conference Dates: March 15 – 16, 2018
Location: Berkeley, CA

The AGEP National Research Conference invites abstracts from graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in any discipline who are conducting social science or educational research relevant to advancing knowledge about the barriers and opportunities for URMs in the STEM academe.

Up to 20 submissions will be selected for inclusion in a poster session at AGEP National Research Conference. Participants will be invited to share their work and network with AGEP Principal Investigators, Research Directors, Evaluators, Project Directors, and NSF Program Directors.

In addition, submissions will be considered for inclusion in a proposed peer-reviewed volume to emerge from the conference. Proposers may, but are not required, to be affiliated with a current NSF AGEP awardee to submit an abstract. Proposers must be a currently enrolled graduate student or a post-doctoral scholar and must be the lead researcher on the abstract they submit to this conference.

Abstracts must be no longer than three pages, including figures, with no more than 500 words of text. Submissions must specifically present research-based findings that address the AGEP goal of increasing the number of URM faculty in STEM disciplines and STEM education research fields.

Please do not register for the conference until you hear back from the conference organizers. If selected, an email notification will be sent to you from the address:

Selected participants’ travel, lodging, meals, and registration will be arranged and paid by the conference organizers.

Abstracts are due January 8, 2018.

Please email once you have submitted your abstract with your CV/Resume.


If you have any questions, please email us at