Job Title: Synthetic Biology Postdoctoral Researcher – Stanford University

Date of Postdoc Position Posting: 11/10/21

Postdoctoral Position Discipline: Engineering – Biomolecular Engineering

  • Application Deadline: November 14, 2022
  • Position Location: Stanford, CA
  • RUA Affiliated Institution: Stanford University
  • Link to Group Website

Position Description

Do we understand biology well enough to engineer it? Will we be able to design biological systems as “smart medicine” that sense patients’ states, process the information, and respond accordingly? We believe the answers are unequivocally positive. To lay the groundwork for this vision, we have identified key challenges across different levels of complexity:
(1) Protein: “anthro-orthogonality” and non-immunogenicity.
(2) Biomolecular circuit: robustness in diverse contexts and non-mutagenic delivery.
(3) Multicellular consortium: communication through scalable channels.
(4) Translational application: interface with physiological inputs/outputs and prototyping.
Taking a “vertical integration” approach, we are developing novel solutions at all these levels. We engineer biomolecules, molecular circuits, viruses, and cells, combining quantitative experimental analysis with computational simulation. The outcomes will contribute to not only specific biomedical applications but also the foundation for engineering mammalian biology.
The postdoc will to lead one of these projects, with the expectation that they will eventually come up with their own molecular circuits as medicine” ideas, which will serve as the foundation of their own independent career in academia or industry.

Required Qualifications

Strong qualifications in one of the following fields is preferred: molecular biology, cellular biology, protein engineering, synthetic biology, systems biology, and computational modeling of dynamic systems.

Additional Position Details

  • Opportunity for teaching: Yes
  • Opportunity for supervision/mentoring: Yes 
  • Opportunity for community outreach and engagement: Yes

How to Apply:

Please email Xiaojing (xjgao at institute name dot edu) directly. Please write briefly about your research interest, attach a CV, and list three references.

Download a PDF copy of this postdoc position posting by clicking on the link here